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"I wanted to thank you for sparking a love of theatre in me."
- Samantha Schonberger, CNV '09-'11


Curious New Voices is thrilled to announce the launch of our newest program for young playwrights, The National New Voices CollectiveBuilding on the success of our month-long Summer Writing Intensive, this year Curious New Voices will be piloting a one-week intensive for young playwrights affiliated with regional theatres across the country.

"There are quite a few theatres that offer playwriting opportunities for young people and, while we are all different in our scope, we are all really unique and wonderful and ultimately support new playwrights in the field of theatre," says Education Director Dee Covington.

"I wanted to make a place where connections can be made not just between regional theatres, but among young playwrights across the country as well. Our hope is that these writers engage in artistic opportunities and peer-to-peer exchanges that they can carry back to their respective theatres. With these fresh ideas and new connections they can form a peer group of writers dedicated to becoming the next generation of great American playwrights.

Participating theatres so far include Curious Theatre Company, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Portland Center Stage and Steppenwolf Theatre Company.


The Makings of a Holocaust is a unique experience designed for middle and high school students. The Curious New Voices presentations explore history, racism and cultural differences, while inviting students to relate past experiences to current issues of bullying, tolerance and growing a compassionate community. You may choose from either our Curious New Voices & The Colorado Chamber Players package or Curious New Voices Two Play package featuring two teen-written short plays. See below for more information:

Curious New Voices & The Colorado Chamber Players Package
Curious New Voices and The Colorado Chamber Players come together to create a stirring piece of theatre that interweaves the short play, Goldineh Medina, written by Curious New Voices' writer Hannah Rae Montgomery with music by Ervin Schulhoff, a Jewish composer who perished in a concentration camp, and performed by The Colorado Chamber Players.  

Goldineh Medina tells the story of a young crippled Jewish immigrant in 1915 who dreams of buying a Ford automobile as a way to establish his worth and citizenship in this new America. Curious New Voices & The Chamber Players package was very well-received at Aspen Academy, Emily Griffith High School, Graland Country Day School, and Stanley British Primary School.      

Curious New Voices Two Play Package  
Curious New Voices writer Hannah Rae Montgomery's Goldineh Medina is paired with Curious New Voices playwright Luke Slattery's Icarus, about a woman who chooses to risk her life by hiding a young Jewish girl fleeing persecution. Together these performances create a package of two short teen-written plays dealing with the Holocaust. Curious New Voices Two Play package was received with great acclaim at Campus Middle School.

Soul in Turmoil: The Private Life of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky is a unique theatrical experience written for middle and high school students by Curious Theatre Company Member Josh Hartwell. This Curious New Voices presentation deals with the challenges faced by Tchaikovsky and other artists who had to conceal their sexual orientation in order to gain recognition for their work and be accepted by society. The Colorado Chamber Players will weave Tchaikovsky string arrangements into the play, exposing audiences to the work of the classical composer as the script examines the tensions of this public figure forced to hide a very private aspect of his identity. How does a life lived in secrecy shape the way we present ourselves to the world? And at what point does holding onto that secret alter who we really are? 

To book a package for your school or organization contact Education Director, Dee Covington.

Curious New Voices is made possible by:
National Endowment for the Arts
Olson-Vander Heyden Foundation
Scientific and Cultural Facilities District
Think 360 Arts Complete Education

Special thanks to the following individuals who contributed $100 or more to support Curious New Voices!
Renee and Steven Schonberger
Elizabeth Steele
John Sternberg


Max Posner’s short play was part of the noted Humana Festival, 2011.

Sam Van Wetter won the National Thespian Conference with aplay he wrote at CNV.

Joey Borne’s short play developed at CNV was part of Element: a New Play Festival in Chicago.

Hannah Montgomery recently graduated from Yale with her Masters in Dramaturgy.

Mario Gonzalez founded Round Belly Theatre in San Francisco.

Stephen Sondheim’s young playwrights competition, YOUNG PLAYWRIGHTS INC, has awarded these Curious New Voices writers a New York workshop and production: Max Posner, Bailey Williams, Gianna Starble, Jake Brasch, Paige Roth, and Josh Brown.

Cassandra Stroud had a play produced at Barnard College, part of Columbia University.


Are you a CNV alum with news?  Tell Dee at

I could not have asked for a better play, nor cast and director, nor teacher, and I really appreciate everything that you all have done for me and my characters.- Joe Orzinsky, CNV '08-'11

I was super nervous about writing that first draft but your guidance helped get me through it, and in the end I knew that by working through everything that I had a solid play I could be proud of. Thank you so, so much, for all that you did with the meetings, the actors and everything else in between.  - Genell Britton, CNV '10-'11

It's important for you to know how crazy beautiful the thing you do is.
- Jake Brasch, CNV '09-'11 (currently in NYU's Drama program)


Previous Curious New Voices Visiting Playwrights:

2013: Steven Sapp, Dan LeFranc, Anne Washburn

2012: Michael Hollinger, Carson Kreitzer, Lloyd Suh

2011:  Steven Dietz, Laura Eason, Kristoffer Diaz

2010:  Allison Moore, Rogelio Martinez, Annie Baker

2009: Eisa Davis, Adam Bock, Allison Moore

2008: Jordan Harrison, Elaine Romero, Quiara Alegria Hudes

2007: Allison Moore, Steven Sapp, Leigh Fondakowski

2006: Joan Holden, Steven Sapp, Quiara Alegria Hudes, Dan Dietz

2005: Elaine Romero, Steven Sapp, Suzan-Lori Parks, Paula Vogel

2004: Elaine Romero, Martin Moran, Eric Coble, Bridget Carpenter

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July 7 – August 3, 2014
Summer Playwriting Intensive

Building the Next Generation of Great American Playwrights

"There are youth writing programs, and there is Curious New Voices, which culminates in a three-day festival of newly spawned works from the fertile minds of writers ages 15 to 21, performed by some of Denver's best actors. The work can be raw, cathartic, fearless . . . and make for some pretty thrilling theatergoing."

-- The Denver Post

Young playwrights ages 15 - 21 work alongside nationally recognized playwrights, actors and directors to create short plays, culminating in a three-day festival of readings performed by acclaimed actors on the Curious stage. Celebrating its 11th year, this program offers theatrical opportunities for youth that are educational, empowering and artistically accelerated. Furthering Curious Theatre Company’s core value of “fearless pioneering of new artistic frontiers,” our goal is to encourage youth to form creative expressions that expand their understanding of what is possible as an artist in today’s changing world.

Please submit a short play with a completed application to by May 15, 2014.

Download your application here!
Curious New Voices Summer Intensive Application 2014 (124 KB)


Past and current partners include:  Colorado Academy, Denver School of the Arts, the Creative Learning Academy, Flagstaff Academy, New America School, Sunset Middle School, Think 360 Arts

Playwriting Workshops and Residencies: Uses writing exercises to develop the basic skills of playwriting, with emphasis on principles of character development, plot and imagination. Grade Levels: 9-12; college

Adaptive Theatre Workshop: uses basic theatre games and techniques to teach curriculum through a creative lens that caters to a variety of learning styles. Grade Levels: 9-12; college

Contact Education Director Dee Covington to Learn More!