Evelyn Langley (she/her)

Costumes and Props for CHAOS THEORY

Evelyn Langley is an Oklahoma-grown maker, performance artist, farmer, and caregiver. With the help of her community in Philadelphia, she grows food as dirtbaby farm, a small-scale CSA supplying vegetables and hand-grown goodies to its people. When she isn’t digging in the dirt, she infuses her time with tending to growing children and artistic projects. Evelyn studied Religion & Culture and Dance at Knox College and hybrid performance-making at Headlong Performance Institute. In the past, Evelyn has worked closely with Almanac Dance Circus Theatre (company member 2015-2018) and choreographer Arielle Pina. Evelyn currently creates performance art alone and in collaboration with many wonderful humans, most especially Slow Clutch (a lifetime partnership with Alyssa Kennamer), Lily Kind’s Wolfthicket, and IKantKoan Games.