The Sanctuary, located in the Curious balcony, has officially reopened! Please stop by to chat and purchase a drink or snack, including local and show-themed specialties! Curious is also proud to announce a brand new auxiliary bar located downstairs in the Curious orchestra, called The Confessional. This bar will sell a limited range of items sold upstairs in The Sanctuary and will be accessible for any and all patrons.

Please, stop by to chat with patrons, the Artistic Company and members of the Curious Team. You may purchase a drink or snack, including some local and show-themed specialtiesThe Confessional will only open once the house opens for the performance and The Sanctuary will be open one hour prior to the show**. Both bars accepts cash, check or card payments.

To place an online order for pick up at your performance please click HERE!

Please note, The Confessional will give priority to those with mobility challenges preventing them from using the full-service bar located in The Sanctuary upstairs in Curious’ balcony.

**The Sanctuary & The Confessional accepts cash, check or card payments. The Sanctuary & The Confessional will NOT be open after the performance.