In an ever-evolving industry, where artists frequently navigate career transitions, our mission is to cultivate the future wave of exceptional talent through our Curious Bridge programs. We aspire to foster and nurture artists with a passion for theatre that sparks deep, personal, productive conversations among audiences and allows them a safe vehicle to discuss challenging, relevant topics. Ultimately, our vision is to build a community of artists who can contribute to a sustainable future for live theatre.


In this inaugural year of our “Curious Bridge” Apprenticeship program, we’ve partnered with the University of Northern Colorado School of Theatre Arts and Dance and will be working with 5 of their postgraduate students. Through this apprenticeship, we have structured a pathway to bridge the gap between undergraduate education and the professional arena for artists with a directing and/or stage management focus. We intend to extend and elevate their knowledge by providing opportunities for practical application within their field of study. As valued production team members, our apprentices will be working alongside and mentored by professional directors and stage managers with vast experience. Check your playbills throughout our 26th season to see how our apprentices are contributing to “the power of every story.”

University of Denver Technical Theatre Internship Program

The University of Denver’s Technical Theatre Internship Program provides students with PAID opportunities to work with professional companies and designers in a supportive setting that prepares them for the entertainment industry. During the build process, students are engaged full-time in the construction shop with working professionals, and then experience the challenges of moving the show elements to a professional venue, working with the theatre company’s team to install and present the show.

University of Northern Colorado School of Theatre Arts and Dance Internship Program



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