We are taking a daring step and putting our cherished Acoma artistic home on the market. We are not letting go of the richness of what came before, we are steering ourselves towards something ambitious rooted in radical imagination. The pandemic and the after-effects of the pandemic have challenged us to reflect and assess. 

We are reimagining ourselves by making room for new ways of working, new ideas, and new experiences to share. Although change can be exciting, we acknowledge that change can feel scary. Change takes courage. With your continued belief and support, we will have all the courage and focus we need. We will allow our imaginative, feisty, and fearless spirit to be at the forefront of designing our future. 

Thanks to your financial support through our Fund the Future campaign, we plan to remain in our current home for our high voltage 27th season. Now we will explore future options, such as a lease-back of the facility, a sale to supportive investors, partnerships with developers for a new on-site structure, or even a potential new space in Denver.

What happens after that? We know that Curious Theatre Company could not be who it is today without you. We will take time to listen, learn, and deepen our understanding of Curious Theatre’s unique position in Denver’s artistic landscape. We will allow our spirit of imagination and possibility to guide us forward. We promise to keep you informed as things unfold over the next year.

As a dedicated supporter of Curious Theatre Company, we imagine you may have questions. We welcome your thoughts and questions. You can reach out to us at reimagine@curioustheatre.org and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

We hope you will be co-writers with us for the future story and beyond of Curious Theatre Company. 



Sheri Raders, Board President

Jada Suzanne Dixon, Artistic Director

Jeannene Bragg, Managing Director