A crowd of students walk into the Curious Theatre building on a bright, sunny day.
Actors sit at a kitchen table and rehearse their lines.
Students pack the seats at Curious Theatre and participate in a question and answer session with the cast of the play they are about to see.

Curious New Voices offers in-school programming to enhance youth understanding of theatre as a field and craft. We specialize in high school and college-aged programming.

When my students, as freshmen or sophomores, have their first play read and interpreted by professional actors on the Curious Theatre stage, it changes their writing lives… Dee Covington draws out of them exceptionally mature characters, concepts, and structures,  which through writing and revising, become the plays we see each year.” – Betsey Coleman, Colorado Academy


Playwriting Workshops and Residencies
Uses writing exercises to develop the basic skills of playwriting, with emphasis on principles of character development, plot, and imagination.

Curriculum-Based Theatre Workshops
Uses basic theatre games and techniques to teach the curriculum through a creative lens that caters to a variety of learning styles.

In-School Performances
Curious offers a portfolio of plays (generally student-written) that can be performed at your school with limited set-up for a broader student conversation on a relevant social issue by a playwright that resonates with the students.

For more information, contact Education Director Dee Covington, dee@curioustheatre.org.


Student Matinees
Students venture to Curious Theatre Company’s intimate theatre space located in The Golden Triangle to experience live professional theatre, followed by a talkback with the artists.

This year, Curious productions FRANKLINLAND and ALMA will offer the opportunity for student matinees that ignite conversations. These can be connected to curriculum as well as a wider social relevance.

To book, contact Education Director Dee Covington, dee@curioustheatre.org

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Sidney E. Frank Foundation – Colorado Fund

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National Endowment for the Arts

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