Educational Plays

We are excited to bring you two educational plays that open hearts and minds on the issues of race and gender.

For students, community groups, and classrooms, these plays are available in special packages at an affordable price. They may also be combined with facilitated post-show discussions or theatrical workshops with voices and perspectives from experts in the field. Please contact Dee for details to bring these plays to your students at

BLACK. by Lamaria Aminah
featuring Ilasiea Gray and Anastasia Davidson

After one more young man dies at the hands of police, a community is shaken. A conversation evolves between two mothers at the vigil – one white and one Black. Through their interaction, BLACK. gets to the heart of the matter on communication between races and the manifestations of white privilege. Facilitated post-show conversation is also available.


In Transit by Holden Thomas
Directed by K. Woodzick, featuring Ayla Sullivan and Quinn Marchmann

“You could try to help me understand it.” When Oliver’s older brother drives the pair to Chicago to pick up testosterone to aid in Oliver’s transition, the siblings get into a weighty discussion on identity. Through open dialogue and family banter, we explore the challenges facing this transgender teen, both physically and emotionally. In Transit answers some of the most sensitive questions on transgender transition, while also challenging the audience to consider the deeply personal questions of identity that many take for granted.

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