Co-Created by Satya Jnani Chávez & Andrew Rosendorf

Transcreation by Mari Meza-Burgos

“To Gerardo Chávez, a man who defied the limitations of borders,
surpassing all expectations of what a brown body crossing
a border could be, and setting an example for all of us seeking
refuge in our own American Dreams. Thank you for all of the
support you provided behind the scenes as a translator, poet,
and endless inspiration to drive this work forward.”

The theatrical event of the season, Refuge weaves passionate and driving original music with the charm of artistic puppetry to share a bilingual tale of determination, grit, and hope. Magical realism allows this multi-disciplinary play to tackle the immigration crisis through a beautiful, unique lens. Chronicling the harrowing journey of one young Honduran girl as she crosses the US border into the inhospitable, barren land of Texas, Refuge is an exploration of empathy and of America – who we are and who we say we are.

Commissioned and Developed by Curious Theatre Company.

Edgerton Foundation New Play Award recipient.

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CBP: Customs & Border Patrol Agency
Coyote: human smuggler
Chupacabra: myth, legend of a demon thought
to suck blood
Cutting the sign: tracking
Hither thither: the disturbance of the Earth from
human or something else
Mesquite: thorny “trash trees” of the desert
Saint Toribio Romo: the patron saint of immigrants
Tonk: slur used by Border Patrol & others referring
to the sound a Maglite makes when hitting the head
of an undocumented migrant
Victoria [Texas]: shorthand for the May 2003 tragedy
where 19 undocumented migrants died crossing the
border in a tractor trailer
Yuma [Arizona]: shorthand for the tragedy in
May 2001 where 14 undocumented migrants died
crossing the border

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