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Inheritance was commissioned by Curious to address a critical community need: we need to look back in order to move forward. Denver’s KKK history is has a critical role in our past as well as our present and future. The 35 minute play is available for booking throughout the 2019-20 Season for high schools and community groups.

About the Play

by Norma Johnson, directed by Jada Suzanne Dixon

It’s 1925 and Denver is abuzz with excitement as 100,000 gather for the event of a lifetime. As preparations are made to celebrate God and country, it becomes clear that the festivities are only jubilant for the white residents of Denver. Three women’s lives intersect in a moment from which there is no return. A choice must be made – a choice that will be passed down through generations.

Age group: high school and adult
Curriculum tie-in: history, social studies, current events, social/ emotional, arts, theatre
Core issues: race, injustice, privilage, belonging
Central theme: What do you give up of yourself in order to belong?

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What We Do

Curious brings Inheritance into classrooms and community spaces to invite and encourage conversation that leads to community action and change. Each performance is followed by a discussion facilitated by one of our professional racial equity experts. Ideally, we allow for one hour of discussion, but that is sometimes infeasible in education environments.

How To Book

Contact: Dee Covington, Curious Education Director

Cost is $600. Curious is committed to paying all artists for their time and talents. Curious has secured funding for discounted or free programs within specific geographic areas for schools, dependent on need; if you want to bring Inheritance to your school, don’t let cost be a barrier.

Project History

In 2017, Curious joined a group of citizens and organizations, Denver Faces our KKK History Together. Along with Denver Public Schools, Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library, and others, Curious committed that we must look back before we can move forward.

In order to reach high school students, Curious was asked to create a play that would foster conversation and allow educators a way to address this not-so-distant chapter of Colorado’s history. The play will tour high schools and community organizations throughout the 2019-20 school year.

Inheritance Team

Norma Johnson, Playwright
Jada Suzanne Dixon, Director
Dee Covington, Dramaturg and Producer
Megan Doyle, Costume Designer
Saxton Rhoad, Scenic and Props Designer
CeCe Smith, Tour Manager
Jeannene Bragg, Community Engagement Organizer

Alaina Beth Reel, Betsy
Kate Poling, Mary
Evy Dipasquantonio, Viola
Devon James and Rhianna DeVries, swings