Welcome to Season 25 and Franklinland!

Director's Note

Without question, the bond between parent and child is deeply extraordinary. Parents are our first illustrators and illuminators, shining light on our brightest potential. But what happens when the dreams for potential turn toward the shadow side of expectation? When children feel the pressure of pleasing and the pain of disappointing? Even in the best of circumstances, the act of unconditional love can carry some complicated conditions. Especially if your father is Benjamin Franklin. This delicate balance is what makes individuation and a declaration of independence inevitable.

As it is in families, so it was with the colonies. There came a time in our early history when the patriots could no longer live in the shadow of English rule. We were a pre-country divided. Those hungry for liberation or “no taxation without representation,” and those remaining loyal to a governance that wreaked of tyranny. The desire for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness sparked what was essentially our first civil war. For over 8 years, we fought to individuate. To shine in our own light. Like a child maturing into adulthood, the declaration of independence was necessary for growth. Necessary for the future. After all, this revolution brought about the United States of America.

And now here we are, grappling again as a country with shadow and light. A country divided. Collectively asking what we are willing to fight for. Has life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness lost its luster of idealism? Or are we still standing strong with a belief in we the people?

Benjamin Franklin says in this play, what we can imagine, we can invent. Lovely and full of bright hope, right? I believe so. And I believe we can invent a radical revolution of brilliance and unity without war. May we remember what it is to laugh together, dream together and invent a future that holds respect for us all.

Dee Covington

Dee Covington

Director, Franklinland by Lloyd Suh

Welcome from Leadership

Welcome to our 25th Anniversary!

The staff, artistic company, and board are all filled with pride and delight as we celebrate our silver anniversary and 25 years of bold and audacious theatre. As loyal patrons to Curious Theatre Company you are all too familiar with our rich history and legacy of artistic excellence, exploration of contemporary issues through provocative theatre, and our fearlessness and feistiness that we carry and uphold in every aspect of our work.

In 1997, a vanguard group of artists were inspired to create and cultivate artistic work together and more importantly, artistic work that meant something. From the beginning, those vanguard artists dreamed of an artistic home for fearless political and progressive new works focused on social justice and equality. That origin is what has catapulted Curious Theatre Company to where it is today! And the undercurrent that has carried us forward and kept us afloat is you. Deep thanks and appreciation to so many artists, patrons, and of course our community.

Yes, 25 years is something to celebrate. Something to reflect on. Under Chip Walton’s leadership and vision and Dee Covington’s heart and vision, Curious Theatre Company has created a remarkable body of artistic work through our shared vision, commitment to our mission and values, and the exceptional ensemble of artists that make up our artistic company. 25 years is also creating a spark. A new spark challenging us to dream big. Yes, we will remain rooted in our mission-driven goal of creating artistic work that stimulates conversation beyond the theatre doors. Yes, we will continue to advocate for a future that is better than today.

We thank you for your support and belief in us! AND we will dream big; we will stretch ourselves to lean further in and excavate new and innovative ways in which to be who we are and who we say we want to be as an organization through both our words and our actions. Without a doubt, know that we will remain Curious.  We hope you will stay Curious!

Happy 25th Anniversary!

Jada Suzanne Dixon & Jeannene Bragg

Artistic Director & Managing Director