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Chris Merrell doesn’t remember how he first heard about Curious Theatre Company, but since becoming a supporter he’s had some memorable experiences. Curious is celebrating its 20th anniversary and Chris recalls a different “theatre landscape” two decades ago.“There were new and different theatre companies popping up frequently,” Chris explained. “I was a person who wanted to sample it all. So, often times I would purchase tickets to these theatre companies in the hopes of being inspired by challenging work.”

He found what describes as “daring” work on Curious’ stage. “I like my theatre daring. I like to be challenged. And I also like to see new and original work,” Chris said. “I still think the best theatre I see makes me think.”

Chris was the show sponsor for Take Me Out in the 2004/05 season, which was his favorite in the past two decades because of his involvement with it. However, in general, he prefers shows that “speak to my heart — make me tear up a little — make me go home and think — where am I in my life with these issues.”

Chris is blunt about it. He tells people Curious Theatre is not for “sissies.”

“It is not necessarily theatre for people who want to have a light frothy night out at the theatre,” he said. Chris said shows on the Curious stage are a good place for audience members to learn something about themselves and the human connection.

“It’s raw and beautiful.  Frank and honest.  It’s a roller coaster of an emotional ride,” Chris said. “I love it!”