"Imagine a TED Talk that turns into an interactive adventure... Creane brings her theories on chaos to life by asking audience members to play along in a series of games that dare them to leave their comfort zone."

New York Times

CHAOS THEORY is a comedic, immersive experience exploring the underlying chaos in our lives. A lecture about chaos theory devolves into a series of interactive games inspired by the science of chaos theory, reality dating shows, middle school crushes, and the butterfly effect to end all butterfly effects: COVID-19. The audience is guided by mathematical scientist, Dr. Genevieve Saoch, whose personal life continually interferes with her ability to be objective about her research as a Chaologist. Through a series of participatory experiments, audience members are invited to embrace their inner chaos agent as they embody facets of chaos theory including deterministic chaos, fractals, self-organization, and strange attractors.

CHAOS THEORY is a NY Times Recommended comedy show and winner of the Immersion Nation Best Social Immersion Award 2019. After a robust run as a live show pre-COVID-19 at Caveat, Here Arts and others, the digital adaptation premiered May 1st, 2020, in partnership with Caveat, NYC and now comes from NYC to Curious for a special two-week digital run Feb. 25th through March 7.

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CHAOS THEORY is presented by Curious Theatre Company; Produced by IKANTKOAN Games.

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Chaos Theory artwork is courtesy of graphic designer James Firnhaber.

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What is the run time of this show?
Chaos Theory runs approximately 75 minutes.  There will be a talkback immediately following the video; that is another 15 minutes or so.  There is no intermission as this show is streaming online.

I’m scared of immersive work. What will you make me do? In this show all participation is voluntary. So, it’s totally up to you.  The interaction is simple and fun.  If you decide to try it, you might even have a great time!

I’ve never used Zoom before, help!  Here’s a link to download Zoom. If you have tech questions during the event, you can use the chat function in Zoom to ask a question directly to the friendly event organizers. You can do this by using the pulldown menu and choosing ‘Curious’ instead of sending the question to everyone on the call.

What do I need to have ready for this show? Please make sure you are somewhere quiet and free from distractions, including open tabs, active cellphones, and loud houseplants.  Please also have a piece of paper and a writing utensil nearby.  We humbly request that you keep your cameras on for the duration of the experience. Mics will be on and off at various points. We also recommend logging in a few minutes early to make sure all systems are working properly and you are settled in by the start of the event as there will be a lot to take in.

What time and days can I watch this show? While this show is online, it is interactive. You much watch at the date and time for which you purchase a ticket.  It is not available “on-demand” as some previous Curious digital productions have been.  Think of it as a normal theatre ticket that just happens to take place on your computer screen.

What if I’m running late?
For the best experience, we recommend tuning in a few minutes early so you can get settled.  However, we know life happens; if you are running late, please enter the space quietly just like you were at a live show. If you’ve had an emergency or unexpected event, please contact the box office for options. Please understand that we may not be able to get back to you during the run of the show.

Can I get the program ahead of time?
You can access the credits here!  Also, try out the “In the Media” tab above for lots of great links and reviews from the NYC production.

I share a subscription with another person and we don’t live together, can we each have our own ticket?  Yes, please email our box office at info@curioustheatre.org with the email addresses for the other individuals and we will send them a separate ticket.

Can I watch this on my TV?
You can watch this show anywhere you can access Zoom.  Depending on your service,  you may be able to “broadcast” zoom from a device to your TV or to plug your TV monitor directly into a device that plays Zoom.  There are so many different devices and services out there that it’s hard for us theatre majors at Curious to provide full tech support. We’ll do our best if you call or email us, but if you have any teenagers nearby, they’ll probably know more than we do.

Are there any advisories I should know about?
There are no specific advisories for CHAOS THEORY.  If you have any concerns about content or language, please contact the box office.

Can I bring my kids?
This is online, so your kids and pets are welcome to join you for this one!  Material may not be suitable for young children; we generally recommend Curious shows for ages 14+.  Please note that tickets are only $20 and Curious and our artists rely on ticket sales for support during these crazy times. Please consider making an additional donation here if multiple folks will be tuning in from your household.

Where can I park?
In your driveway!  Or wherever you normally park. There’s probably plenty of space in the Curious lot about now, but sadly no live shows.

May I eat/drink in the theatre?
It’s your house!  Eat, drink, be merry.  Wear your pajamas. We won’t look!

Where do I get my tickets?
A link to access the show online will be emailed with your ticket confirmation, and you’ll also receive an email with more details two days before your show. Please contact the box office if you have questions or did not receive a link at info@curioustheatre.org. We’ll return your call or email as soon as possible between 1-5 pm each weekday.  We will also have a staff member monitoring emails one hour prior to each performance, but due to volume, it may be hard to answer all inquires prior to show time; please contact us in advance for the best service.

Can I change my tickets to another performance?
If there is space available for another show, we are happy to exchange your tickets. Please contact us 24 hours in advance of your show date to make sure we can exchange your tickets prior to showtime.

What else do I need to know?
Even if you’re not sure about the format or interactive aspects, please give it a shot. There have been semi-verified reports of new romance among two 60-something audience members who met at the show, fits of laughter, Chaos Theory themed drinks, and even a Chaos tattoo inspired by the piece. What have you got to lose?

(p.s. Curious may not be held liable for any late-night tattoo sessions post-show, but we do want photos.)

In Media

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    Imagine a TED Talk that turns into an interactive adventure. That’s essentially what happens in this show, hosted by Jessica Creane. Under the guise of Dr. Genevieve Saoch, Creane brings her theories on chaos to life by asking audience members to play along in a series of games that dare them to leave their comfort zone.

  • 4 out of 4 stars! - Best New York Comedy

    ... a highly interactive show that uses comedy and thoughtfully structured game-play for nudging audiences to explore their wishes and desires, push past boundaries, connect with everyone around them, and be open to anything... what a superb actress Creane is…and how completely she performs in the moment.

  • Embrace the Madness with ‘Chaos Theory’ (Review)

    The portions of multiplayer game theater are hilarious yet surprisingly poignant as we as the audience were presented with tasks that spoke to the very nature of ourselves. All the while we are being tricked into learning. (If only my physics teacher at school had attended one of these meetups.)...utter beautiful chaos, as we the audience are pushed to make choices, to share deep personal secrets, and to let mayhem reign over the final act of this performance... It was wonderful to behold...

  • Jessica Creane tackles the misogyny of the scientific community, sexual liberation and the fear of velociraptors while inviting the audience to play games. - Theater is Easy

    Chaos Theory is a phenomenally successful theatrical experiment... a perfect show for those who’d like to reassess their goals and values. Creane gives an electric performance.