Truth versus ego."

The New Yorker

Facts become blurry when a demanding editor-in-chief hires the world’s most neurotically precise fact-checker to go toe-to-toe with an eccentric author who values story over accuracy. As the final deadline looms, hard facts square off against emotional truths in a funny and searing high-stakes showdown. The darling of the 2018 Broadway season, this fast-paced story proves the mundane life of a fact-checker is anything but.

We will be hosting an in-person talkback after the performance on Friday, September 24, and Saturday, October 2. There will be a virtual talkback on Wednesday, Oct 13 at 7pm MDT available to all patrons. We are thrilled to announce that essayist John D’Agata will be a panelist for our forum on THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT. Tune in to hear from John and others about this production and the real-life events that inspired it.

Click HERE to access the recording of our Virtual Forum from Wednesday, October 13, featuring panelists: essayist John D’Agata, Artistic Director Chip Walton, LIFESPAN Director Christy Montour-Larson, and cast members Sheryl McCallum and Bill Hahn from THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT.
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  • Ann Corrigan & Kent Rice
  • Karolynn Lestrud


  • Barbara Bridges
  • Lynne & Jon C. Montague-Clouse
  • Mickey Zeppelin in honor of Lulu Zeppelin


  • Gary & Kathryn Dudley







In Media

  • The Denver Post - Review: "The Lifespan of a Fact"

    Still, as much as “The Lifespan of a Fact” resonates with our current culture’s agonies around truth and mendacity, facts and the bending of them, the script and the production go for fun over depth. That is, until the trio remember in the final scene what — who, really — that essay (OK, article) is about.

  • A New Play About Truth and Lies Comes to Life at Curious With a Stellar Cast

    Hahn is not the only draw. His fellow actors are John Hauser, who among other things wowed Denver audiences as a sweet, shy teenage boy who becomes possessed by the devil through a malignant puppet in Hand to God five years ago, and the always impressive Sheryl McCallum.

  • "The Lifespan of a Fact" Negotiates Authenticity vs. Accuracy

    Known for their thought-provoking commentary on societal issues, Curious Theatre Company started their 24th season with a remarkable question: What are the standards for a fact? Truth, or accuracy? As it turns out, those ideas are not interchangeable.