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Jen lives in New York but has always dreamed of getting married in her small North Carolina hometown, so she heads down south to ask Della, her late mother’s best friend, to do the honors of baking the wedding cake. Della’s cakes are legendary, even earning her a spot as a contestant on the “Great American Baking Show.” She is overjoyed at Jen’s request, until she realizes there’s not just one bride, but two, forcing her to re-examine some of her deeply-held beliefs, as well as her own marriage. Faith, family, and frosting collide in this timely new comedy from Bekah Brunstetter, writer of NBC’s This Is Us.

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Diana and Mike Kinsey
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Isabelle Clark
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The Cake: Playbill

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Learn about the play, the playwright, and what makes “The Cake” so important to today. 

Bakers Who Won’t Make Gay Wedding Cakes May Have Feelings Too
An interview from NewNowNext with playwright Bekah Brunstetter that delves in to why this play is important for both sides, as well as a look into her internal struggle of writing this play as a cishet person.

Video on why Bekah Brunstetter wrote this play
A brief interview clip with Bekah Brunstetter that features her discussion on why she chose to tackle a play that attempts to de-villainize conservative viewpoints.

The Cake – A Well-Executed, Tasty, Bittersweet Baked Food for Savoring Thought
This Broadway World review examines the original run of the play and presents this play as a vehicle for exploring an issue that isn’t so black-and-white as it may seem.

Our nation is more divided than ever, according to many national surveys. This play explores the perceived and real divide between urban liberals and rural conservatives in a human way.

Rural and Urban Americans, Equally Convinced the Rest of the Country Dislikes Them
This New York Times piece explores a recent Pew Research Center survey as well as changing voter registrations.

How Identity, Not Issues, Explains the Partisan Divide
This fascinating article explores how partisanship is increasingly divisive: “U.S. liberals and conservatives not only disagree on policy issues: they are also increasingly unwilling to live near each other, be friends, or get married to members of the other group.”

Donald Trump won 76% of counties w/ a Cracker Barrel & 22% of counties w/ a Whole Foods — a 54% gap. In ’92, gap b/t same counties was 19%.
Tweet from noted electoral college researcher Dave Wasserman, U.S. House editor of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report & FiveThirtyEight and NBCNews contributor.

The Wilderness: Chapter 6 – The Big We
Podcast from Crooked Media on how and if Democratic Party can build a multiracial coalition that adds up to an electoral majority, exploring geographic and ideological differences.

Background on the Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission legal case.

Masterpiece Cakeshop FAQ
Created by ACLU, this fact sheet gives a brief overview of the most recent ruling and looks to the future of laws that prevent discrimination against LGBTQ+ people.

Court Rules Narrowly for Baker in Same-Sex Wedding Cake Case
This opinion article discusses the reasoning and politics surrounding the Supreme Court ruling in June 2018.

Masterpiece Cakeshop V. Colorado Civil Rights Commission
ACLU provides an overview of the case and provides legal documents and other resources on what one needs to know about the case.

SCOTUSbrief Cartoon Recap of the Case
This animated video walks you through the history of the case.

Same-Sex Couple Reacts to Supreme Court Ruling
CNN interviews the couple on their thoughts shortly after the most recent ruling in June 2018.

SCOTUS Same-Sex Wedding Cake Decision: How Both Sides Say They Got Here Today
ABCNews video that interviews both sides of the case and provides insight on their individual views. 

Denver resources that are centered around social justice, especially for LGBTQ+ people.

ACLU – Colorado
This organization works diligently to provide civil rights for all people and were heavily involved in Charlie and Dave’s case.

One Colorado
Leading advocacy organization for Colorado’s LGBTQ+ people and their families.

The Center
Wonderful resources and support for the LGBTQ+ community in Denver.

The Human Rights Campaign fights for LGBTQ+ rights on various platforms.

Colorado LGBT Bar Association
Voluntary professional association that provides LGBTQ+ presence to Colorado’s legal community.

Denver Public Library Recommends:



Cake by Maira Kalman. Author Maira Kalman, illustrator of The Elements of Style among others,  takes on the foodie memoir by charmingly documenting the cakes that have meant the most to her in her life. From the “elegant” lemon pound cake with lemon glaze to simple and heartwarming gingerbread cake let Kalman and baker Barbara Scott-Goodman teach you how to cake.



Great British Baking Show. Seasons 1-5 We owe many thanks to The Great British Bake Off, which has finally given us a friendly reality TV competition and is also responsible for a home baking revival keeping us all in sweets and savories. If you fancy yourself a baker, this TV series will inspire you to see what new tricks you can get up to. And for the rest of us, there is always the eating, because we’re all winners when someone is baking showstoppers for the fun of it, whether it be cakes, biscuits, or puddings!



Then comes marriage: United States v. Windsor and the defeat of DOMA by Roberta Kaplan and Lisa Dickey. Edie and Thea lived a rich life full of love for forty beautiful years. Unfortunately, when Thea died, the United States failed to recognise their wedding vows, costing Edie hundreds of thousands of dollars in estate taxes. Written by the lawyer who represented Edie in an unprecedented Supreme Court case, this compelling eAudiobook is as much about the decision that resulted in marriage equality for a nation as it is about acceptance, love, and overcoming discrimination.



Gluten-Free Living magazine from RBDigital. Like Della, do you think that gluten-free cakes taste like “the back of my mouth after I have a good cry?” If so, expand your taste buds to the possibility of yummy gluten-free recipes, found in Gluten-Free Living magazine available to download from RBDigital with your library card! All types of recipes are included but if your sweet tooth has control of your brain, check the May/June 2018 issue for a strawberry shortcake that’s to drool for.

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In Media

  • Review: The Cake Serves a Sweet Slice of Life...With the Bitter Taste of Prejudice

    When she’s approached by the daughter of a dear friend and asked to bake a wedding cake, confectioner Della is delighted. Her friend died some five years earlier, she loves this girl, Jen — whom she knew as Jenny — and the two haven’t seen each other for some time. But then Della learns that Jen’s intended is a woman, Macy, and her delight freezes into panic. Deeply religious, she simply cannot grant Jen’s request.

  • Theater Review: The Cake

    A production that is especially meaningful to Denver audiences, this script offers a variation on the Masterpiece Bakery case involving a local baker’s refusal to bake the wedding cake for a same sex couple. This real life scenario has been acted out all over the country as same sex couples try to procure services for their ceremonies. This wedding drama is moved to a small North Carolina town and involves a female couple as opposed to a male duo from Denver.

  • The Cake

    Director Chip Walton keeps the pace brisk, and while the script pushes the boundaries of a one-act, at 107 minutes, we agree that uninterrupted momentum is important here. Excellent craft work from the company's design team.

  • Opening the Curtain on the Fall 2018 Theater Season

    Curious artistic director Chip Walton has been focusing on politically relevant scripts for years, the theater always mounts strong productions, the cast is excellent, and I’m anxious to see this crucial human-rights issue explored and humanized.

  • The Play 'The Cake' At Curious Theatre Puts Real-Life Headlines On The Stage

    A new play opening this week at Curious Theatre Company takes cues from the Masterpiece Cakeshop case and other controversial clashes between business owners and LGBTQ customers.

  • ‘The Cake’ At a Time When They Just Won’t Let Them Eat Cake

    Denver’s Curious Theatre Company opens its 2018-19 season on Saturday with a timely new play called The Cake, which was inspired by the Colorado-based Masterpiece Cakeshop case that recently went before the Supreme Court.

  • The Curious Theater Company’s The Cake Fosters Conversation in a Sweet Way

    Talking about controversial issues doesn’t seem so hard when it’s paired with comedy and confection. That’s why The Cake, a play featured at Denver’s Curious Theater Company, is good for both the mind and the stomach.

  • Tall Tales: "The Cake" At Denver's Curious Theatre Company, A Review

    At The Curious Theatre Company, as directed by Chip Walton, “The Cake” is a many-layered story that concerns itself primarily with the delicate and changing relationship between cake shop owner Della and her late friend’s daughter, Jen. Della knew Jen as “Jenny” before she moved to New York. Now, Jen is back in North Carolina now, with dreams of a “fairy tale” wedding to her partner, Macy.