The Hoffman family rallies together – and against each other – as they battle over health insurance, child custody, inheritance, and superfoods. Former couple Richard and David tentatively dance around each other as they each navigate if second chances are ever really possible. Featuring a family of Curious all stars, you’ll see wit, wisdom, and reminders of your own family as they grapple with challenges we all face. From Chicago Med writer and award-winning playwright Meridith Friedman, Your Best One captures the love and heartache in every family.

The performance will run approximately two hours including an intermission.



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Join us after each performance for a post-show discussion featuring cast members, Curious Artistic Company members, and Curious staff.

In Media

  • REVIEW: Curious Explores the Meaning of Family in Your Best One

    This is a quiet, deep story about parents and children, what constitutes family, people groping for love and not quite sure that they can find it in each other, or even that they deserve it — and director Dee Covington allows it to unfold gently in all its unsentimental sweetness.

  • Q&A with Meridith Friedman

    "I think theatre, at its very best, is the practice of empathy – seeing from someone else’s vantage point and hopefully, in the process, gaining a greater understanding of their journey through the world."

  • REVIEW from Tall Tales

    “Your Best One” concerns itself with real people struggling with real challenges — aging, illness, marriage, adoption, lost love, second chances, and the definition of family.... For each potentially melodramatic moment, “Your Best One” injects humor— running jokes and gentle barbs among these well-established relationships.

  • REVIEW: Colorado Drama

    Whether staged as a sequel to The Luckiest People, or as a standalone, Meridith Friedman's tale, now running at Curious Theatre Company, is a compelling look at a high-functioning family, with many all-to-familiar dysfunctions sure to resonate with theatre audiences.

  • Spotlight: Actor and Director Dee Covington

    In 1997, Covington also collaborated with actors and actresses (including her now-husband, Chip Walton) to found Curious Theatre, which engages the community in important issues through new, modern plays. And, in 2003, Covington launched Curious New Voices, giving 15- to 22-year-olds an opportunity to learn playwriting from the pros. We sat down with Covington, who is directing “Your Best One” this month, running May 5 to June 10, to talk about good plays and her start in the industry.