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-Devon James, Executive Assistant to the Producing Artistic Director

Hello Curious Family, Friends, and First-Time Readers-

My name is Devon and I am technically the “Executive Assistant to the Producing Artistic Director.” However, Chip will never call me this. 🙂 You will hear him call me his “Associate,” or something of the like before he will ever say he has an assistant. This is for many reasons, but one of them is because we are more of a family here at Curious. Titles are simply formalities that have been adopted as Curious has grown. It is safe to say that one title could never describe all that each individual puts into this Company.

For my portion of the blog, I would like to bring you “I Bet You Didn’t Know.” Each month or so, I will add stories, fun facts, etc. about things that the everyday outside person may not know about Curious…and perhaps not even our biggest Donors will know!

This month, I bring you…Valentine’s Day & the Love Curious Was Built On

Take a look at: The History of Valentine’s Day

Curious is home for many and has served as not only a location for great theatre, but company celebrations, birthdays, memorial services, and has served as the backdrop for many couples throughout our community. I reached out to 3 of these couples and asked them a series of questions about their relationships. For each answer they get that adds up with their significant other, they will receive a point. Whomever comes out “on top” will receive a personalized love card from me (via jibjab and shared on social media) as well as the bragging rights for being the “Best Curious Couple.” Here goes…

First up, Chip Walton (Producing Artistic Director) & Dee Covington (Education Director)

They have known each other nearly 20 years and in 2011 they were married and had a beautiful daughter named Scarlet. These two are the backbone of Curious Theatre Company. Without either, we would not be where we are today, or frankly, even exist!


Next, Kevin Brainerd (Artistic Company Member) & Markas Henry (Artistic Company Member)
They have known each other 25 years, dated since June 8th 1993, had their Civil Union June 8th 2013, and (thanks to new laws) were married June 8th, 2015!


Last, we have Brian Landis-Folkins (Artistic Company Member) & Kate Folkins (Former Staff Member). They met 10 years ago this month! Jan 27th, 2016 was their 3 year wedding anniversary.


What was the first thing you noticed about your partner? What do you think they noticed about you?
“I noticed how awesome she was with her teens at Break the Cycle” / “She noticed I was around when she could have just been doing whatever it was herself.”- Chip
“The first thing I noticed was his hair. Short at the time, but also ridiculously beautiful…Oh, and that he wore gold chains. I remember thinking I could never be with a guy that wore gold chains 🙂 “/ “He noticed that he could just go tell me to warm up the actors, and I would just do it.”- Dee

“How handsome he was.”/“How CUTE I was!”- Kevin
“It was summer and I noticed his sexy legs :-)”/ “He probably noticed my bedroom eyes :-)”- Markas

“Something struck me right away and I was immediately drawn to him when we met at a rehearsal. – We connected over our love of children’s theatre.”/ “Same.”- Kate
“She walked by me and I was immediately taken by her, like I’ve known her for centuries.”/ “She noticed my unusually small space between my lip and my nose and of course, my eyes.”- Brian

What do you love most about your partner? What do they love most about you?
“Her heart!”/ “My sardonic humor.”- Chip
“I think Chip is the smartest guy in the room and that is a quality I really admire in him. He is also very loyal to his friends and brings me coffee every morning.”/ “While he says that I am too nice, I secretly think he loves the fact that I have a huge trusting heart.”- Dee

“His sense of humor”/ “My hopeless sentimentality”- Kevin
“His sensitive, yet obsessive compulsive nature (especially when it comes to detail).”/ “My sense of humor”- Markas

“Brian sees the best version of me- he encourages me to relax and invest in myself, to dream big. He’s funny and brings calm to every moment. He cares about people and makes other people feel special and safe.”/”I think he loves that I take care of our world. I think he’d say I have a big heart.”- Kate
“I love how smart and funny she is. She is one of those women who does it all! She is a force of nature and I have much respect for that.”/ “She like my energy, my zest for life, and my humor!”- Brian

Who is the better gift giver?
“Her!”- Chip
“Chip is the better gift giver. Maybe he does the card part really well, and every once in a while I can knock a gift out of the park. He is the more romantic one for sure.”- Dee

“He is!”- Kevin
“He will probably say me…”- Markas

“Oh-him for sure. He knows exactly what I want or need even when I don’t.”- Kate
“She’s more thoughtful. I’m more practical…she’s the better gift giver, but mine get used more”- Brian

Who is the better cook?
“Definitely Her!”- Chip
“I’m the better cook.”- Dee

“We’re tied on that score.”- Kevin
“He will probably say me (meat and baking), but it is pretty equal!”- Markas

“Definitely him, but I am a great baker.”- Kate
“I’m the better cook! I take great pride in my cooking.”- Brian

Who takes longer to get ready?
“Her :-)”- Chip
“I take longer to get dressed.”- Dee

“He does, but I take longer to shower”- Kevin
“I take quick showers but need more time after. He takes lonnngggg showers, but gets dressed quickly”- Markas

“She takes longer. I take like 2 minutes.”- Brian

If you didn’t have “Curious” where would you call home?
“Mexico”- Chip
“If we didn’t have Curious, we would probably be living in Mexico.”- Dee

“The whole big beautiful world.”- Kate
“Anywhere we are or DCPA Education”- Brian

What is one moment you will never forget with your S.O?
“When we were married on top of that Art Gallery in Mexico.”- Chip
“Chip and I standing in our kitchen on an icy, cold night in January while he talked me through the roughest part of my contractions while I was in labor with our daughter, Scarlet Bee. He never took a birthing class, but he was an amazingly calm voice right when I needed him.”- Dee

“That night on the deck!”- Kevin
“Our first vacation together and a particular moment on Yuma Beach in CA, or our Opening Night of Millie on BWay. Luckily there are many to choose from.”- Markas

“Standing in a rain forest in Puerto Rico, under a tree during a torrential downpour!”- Kate
“There is not just one moment. There are millions of moments, but the freshest was recent birth of our daughter.”- Brian


And the winners are… MARKAS & KEVIN! This was very close! Thank you to all the participants for taking timeout of your extremely busy lives to write about your better halves. I learned some pretty sweet things about you all, and “I bet you didn’t know” at least some of these fun facts 🙂

Until Next Time,


To check out Markas and Kevin’s JibJab video, click HERE.