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Charged. Relevant. Unexpected.

Jeff, a new father desperate for community, casually follows his buddy’s advice and tries to join a white supremacist group…but the results of his ancestry test prove surprising. Amerikin follows Jeff as serious consequences come knocking, and the line between “us” and “them” gets incredibly blurry. Gripping from the very first scenes, this play has twists and turns that travel down difficult roads until the bitter end.

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Here are some resources that expand on the importance of this play and its message. There are also some helpful articles on explaining race and racism to your children, how to be a better ally to Black people and POC, and some articles that will encourage you to challenge the way you think about racial relations in this country today.

A Conversation With Black Women About Race by Joe Brewster and Michele Stephenson

How to Talk About Race with Your Kid by Melanie Pinola

Imagining Abolition Series by BlackLivesMatter

Some Organizations to support


ACLU Colorado

The Second Tuesday Race Forum

Black Lives Matter 5280

The Denver Justice Project

SURJ Denver

Soul2Soul Sisters

Race Talk University

Creative Strategies for Change

In Media

  • Curious Theatre strikes hard with ‘Amerikin’

    All-star cast and strong direction bring to life a searing portrait of America... It’s all in service to a script that comes across more like something written by an insider who got out of some hate group but was in fact created by a Black woman with a keen ear and sharp eye for the folks on the other side of the tracks. It’s not as much of a message play as some of Curious’s past productions, but it gets its points across primarily by plopping us in the middle of the action to let us see the world from several different perspectives. It may only be mid-March, but so far Amerikin is the best thing I’ve seen on stage this year.

  • Amerikin at Curious Theatre Could Be Its Most Controversial Play Yet

    Curious Theatre Company has never shied away from sensitive subject matter. The company's tagline is "No guts, no story," so diving straight into the controversies to facilitate conversations is essentially its modus operandi. Its latest show, Amerikin, which runs through April 15, invites audiences on a thought-provoking journey in which Jeff Browning, a lonely new father, attempts to join a white supremacy group...